Weapon Accuracy

It’s time to dispel a myth that frankly is pretty upsetting to me. Have you ever heard that pistols aren’t accurate past 10 yards? Or that un-rifled barrels in shotguns are horribly inaccurate? Or maybe that 1911’s are inaccurate? How about Glocks? They’re all a lie. Created by people who are trying to justify their own purchases or lack thereof. I have a series of videos that will kill all those lies. And before we begin, you have to know that I take head on all those that make claims without factual evidence. I won’t say Apollo 11 didn’t go to the moon because I can’t prove it. I’m very passionate about the truth and so those that lie will have light shown on them if it’s up to me.

There is a way to obtain accuracy: It starts with you

First, I own a 1911 which was reviewed in the reviews section and I love it. I used to own a Springfield Loaded but it was a little too pretty for my taste. My idea of a true 1911 is a loose, rattle ridden thing that is reliable and true to the original design specs. The Mil Spec is that. And people say it’s inaccurate. Check out my review on that weapon. Less than an inch group at 15 yards. Way more than combat accuracy. But let’s take this a step further. Some say the 1911 design as a whole is just plain old and outdated. I’m sorry, John M Browning changed the world with that design and the only other that changed the world in the same way was Gaston Glock. Anyway, check out the 1911 at 230 yards being shot at a foot wide gong.

Now let’s look at the Glock 27. The reason I chose this one of all Glocks is because it has so many stupid myths around it that you could almost compare it to big foot. The Glock 27 is a Sub Compact .40 Cal weapon. Myth #1 about this weapon – People say that .40 is inaccurate and snappy. That’s just not so. Myth #2 – Glocks are inaccurate, let alone a “baby Glock”. Let’s see how it does at 230 yards.

Now this is a big one too. I never believed this myth but man did the arm-chair elitists give this one a good go. Shotgun slugs in a smooth bore barrel. Now I’ll give them this; the rifled barrels will give you a little more accuracy than a smooth bore. But to say that you won’t even hit a man-sized target at 25 yards is asinine. A rifled slug in a smooth bore barrel seems to do just fine. And notice in this video that the first two shots hit the same hole. If you skip to 7:30 in the video you’ll get a close up view of the slugs hitting the target. Easily hitting a man-sized target at 230 yards.

Lastly is revolvers. Now I do not ever recommend a revolver unless it’s a backup weapon, or if there’s nothing else you can get your hands on. But even revolvers in our age are plenty accurate.

So the next time you hear someone tell you “Well those aren’t accurate” – you know better.

This is a fundamental truth of firearms in our age – They are more accurate than any operator. What makes a weapon inaccurate is the person controlling it. You have to get that out of your head. I’ll be doing a series on YouTube ( as I can better illustrate the lesson better on video ) on grip, sight picture, and trigger control. As well as balancing speed and accuracy. Like I said in my “About” section; we are on the edge of the next generation of firearms technique development. We’d be fools not to jump on board.


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