Fort Bragg – A shooting

This story will be very brief and I will have to leave out a lot of details for security reasons.

This past June I had the pleasure of being on Fort Bragg for my brothers wedding. He is in the Army and was getting married on base. The base is huge, so even if I wanted to I couldn’t tell you where we were for the ceremony. I don’t know the exact dimensions but I’ll just say it’s massive. We were going to be staying in the Fayetteville area for about 5 days. We got there on a Wednesday and began touring the area. One of those days we were getting an exclusive tour of Fort Bragg. It was awesome to see all the tradition on that base. So much history there!

We took about an hour tour by vehicle and stopped at a few places. Took lots of pictures ( check Facebook for the uploads ) where we were allowed. We were driving in an area with a lot of barracks. There seemed to be a lot of activity and so we drove out when we had the chance. 15 minutes later we find out a Specialist shot a Lieutenant Colonel in the chest 4 times then attempted to kill himself. Those are the only details I know.

The reason I bring this up is this: I was outraged to find out that weapons are almost more strictly withheld from possession on a Military base than in a prison! Finding this out outraged me because it proves an age old point: Gun control keeps weapons out of the good guys’ hands. My dad ( Former Marine ) was with us and spoke of the days when you were issued a rifle and that rifle never left your side. And officers carried sidearms at all times as well. But not anymore. Today you’re an idiot unless you’re on a battlefield. You may be very highly trained and still aren’t permitted to carry a weapon. But then when you get off the base as a citizen you can carry a weapon. Am I the only one who thinks this is backwards???

I don’t want to use your time ranting. I wanted to tell the story of the fact that we witnessed an incident that was heavily and quickly swept under the rug that proved a very valid point. We can’t allow this to happen everywhere. Had someone had a weapon in the hall where that LT Colonel got shot, maybe he would still be alive. I know I spoke to several Soldiers that day and they all had the same outrage towards the situation.

“I’m trained to fire Javelin Missiles. I am trained to throw enough ordnance to level a large building, but I can’t carry something that throws little 115 grain pieces of lead. I am trained to wire explosives and destory tanks but I can’t touch a rifle. It’s ridiculous”.


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