How To: Home made target stands

When you make the transition from cans and fruit to actual training targets the issue of stands always comes up. For me I didn’t want to spend almost $100 on a stand that holds paper. So we did some research and this stand was actually designed by Steve ( who is part of the Tactical Informer team ). Now I’m sure this design is close to others but I have to say it’s very unique and effective in it’s own regard.











This stand is incredibly simple. It’s essentially PVC piping glued together, with furring strips inside, and cardboard stapled to those.
The benefits of this stand:

  • Very cheap ( $15 a piece )
  • Expendable ( Furring strips get shot up, and are easy to replace. $2 for an 8 foot strip )
  •  Adjustable in height
  • Easy to store/transport
  • Easy to make/readily available materials make up design

So first you just need to get some PVC with a big enough interior diameter to fir the furring strips. It doesn’t need to be exact. The furring strips are cheap crappy wood and don’t come in exact dimensions. Sometimes I have to shave the corners off the furring strips, and other times they drop right in. Just expect imperfection ( but the stand still works just fine either way ).

After that get the joints needed. Now this is where you can make it your own. If you want to use our exact design then you can, or your can add another base to the front. We left the front open so if we needed to add a length of PVC to the front without gluing it we could.








*Something to note: The straight section of PVC connecting the two sides determines the width of your target stand. Make sure and measure so your not putting a huge wide target on a narrow stand.

*Another note: Don’t glue the two lengths in that actually hold the furring strips. You’ll see why later.

So get everything measured, cut, and glued in place and let that sit over night.

After that cut your furring strips in half ( 4 foot ). You can see with this one I had to shave the corners off and then it fit right in. If you want the ability to shoot at a really tall target then cut then longer or shorter. Whatever works for you.











Once the Furring strips are in place the stand is pretty much done!











After that you can straight staple the target to the stand but I like to add cardboard as it gives stability to the target. It also helps your paper targets last longer as it’s not ripped apart in the middle as much. For the cardboard I use Flat Rate boxes from the Post Office ( because they’re free.99! )











Now from here you can staple your paper target high or low. And if the furring strips get shot up, then pull them out and replace! Also when you’re done shooting, simply pull out the two lengths of PVC that hold the furring strips and it stores flat.

We built these stands 2 years ago and haven’t had to rebuild! They work great.


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