Ross Leather Pancake OWB Holster – Quality on the cheap

Let me start by saying I have a ton of holsters. I like to have 3 types of holster per weapon. An inside the waist band, outside the waist band, and a tactical/range type holster. I know that’s a lot of holster action but options allow efficiency and comfort. It does me no good to try to conceal a paddle Serpa under a T-shirt, just like it’s not the best choice to go IWB for a long range day as I’ll rub my weapon raw and it’s not the most comfortable thing having something in your pants all day. ( Hence the OWB choice for concealed carry )

So I began shopping around for an OWB holster for my 1911’s. I knew I wanted a holster like FBI agents or detectives carry. The tanned leather ones. They always looked so comfortable. I wanted a level 1 ( friction lock ) holster, that covered the weapon all the way to the tip of the barrel, and that sat pretty flat against the body. I found a ton of choices from Galco, DeSantis, Bianchi, Blackhawk, etc… But they’re all so expensive and don’t have the look or features/form I wanted.

Then I stumbled on Ross Leather. They were pretty nice holsters and for almost half the price of everyone else. I am always skeptical and intrigued at the same time when  I see something affordable like that. I believe you get what you pay for, but there are always gems hidden out there.
I watched 4 videos, and read maybe 3 reviews on the Ross Leather and saw nothing but satisfaction. And after finding some more detailed pictures I saw tight stitching, thick and hard leather, tanned nicely, and with a tight weapon fit. And one I saw was carried heavily for 5 years and looked great. No loosened stitching or anything.

So I took the plunge on a Ross Leather product. I got the tan, OWB pancake for 1911’s. $45 +$5 for shipping. *Spoiler alert* – It’s one of those gems.

The holster is in a rich tan/brown, with white stitching. The fit with both 1911’s was nice and tight, but when a draw was needed it wasn’t a struggle to get the weapon out.


You can see on the back of the holster it has the “body shield” so your weapon doesn’t dig into your side where the hammer and beaver tail are. A very functional part!




Here’s a better picture of the body shield. This really makes up 50% of the comfort of this holster.

The bottom of the holster is open but it fully covers the end of the barrel. Again, a nice tight fit.


The belt loops are pre-bent, but you can see they’re extremely thick with extra re-enforcement leather on the inside. It’s very hard.


The inside of the holster is suede and very soft. Although aggressive on finishes, it provides a smooth surface that doesn’t scratch the metal, and provides a consistent pull and re-holstering of the weapon.


You can see the holster sits at a nice cant which pulls the bottom of the grip up and hides it very nicely. And the rest of the holster sits flush against your body.



My new favorite carry system for M1911’s – The Ross OWB housing the Springfield Armory TRP


The belt mounts sit nice and far apart so the weight is distributed, and when you’re carrying an all steel full size 1911 that’s a huge plus. The leather is thick so you’ll get long life, consistency, and moisture protection for you weapon as well.

For a long day of carry in hot weather, this holster makes it the most comfortable I’ve ever had for 1911’s. At $45 it’s a great value!








2 thoughts on “Ross Leather Pancake OWB Holster – Quality on the cheap

  1. I love these holsters! Where did you find it for sale online for only $45…and with $5 shipping? I am trying to find one for my gun and am trying to compare prices to get the best deal, especially with online sellers. Thanks for any info you can give!

    • friend! Great website and price. I love this holster. And she still looks as good as she did the day I got it. Thank you for the comment!

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